SS21: Supriya Lele’s newest collection

October 12, 2020

33 year old British-Indian designer Supriya Lele showed off her newest collection for SS21 this London Fashion Week. After being kept out of her London studio for months, slowly lockdown restrictions were lifted. Her and her all female team were eventually able to go back and work on the newest collection. And with that, Supriya noticed something- everyone came back dressed with more expression than ever, bolder and brighter. This fuelled Supriya, giving her big ideas for the new collection- combining those with elements of her own heritage, and influences from her teenage affinity to heavy metal. 

This collection showcases the heavily layered silhouettes that Supriya has become renowned for, along with relaxed tailoring. Using form flattering fabrics such as chiffon and jersey the pieces are super comfortable but still look good on the body. The colour scheme for this collection consists of beautiful azure blues and fuchsias, juxtaposing with tones of slime green and dark chocolate. 

Working around the restrictions that this year’s lockdown brought with it, Supriya decided to go with using deadstock fabrics, which both makes the collection very unique, but it is also a more sustainable way of production- rather than making new fabrics altogether. Supriya used lace, suede and sequins in this collection for the first time, embellishing the deadstock fabrics and making new pieces to add some flair.

Much of the inspiration for this collection was based on Supriya’s upbringing and heritage. A mixture of both of those aspects brought lots of individuality in this fusion of asian heritage, and an upbringing in Birmingham. One of the stand out prints in the collection being a madras check, sourced from her Grandmother’s favourite sari shop in Jabalpur. Supriya also used some graphic Indian prints within the collection, also clearly inspired by her heritage. She matched the collection with heavy silver jewellery by Amy Rodriguez, which was inspired by the rocker-centric jewellery Supriya would often look at and lust over while shopping at Birmingham’s Oasis Market.

In this season’s collection, there were accents and embellishments taken from the iconic lingerie style in the noughties. From softer styles, like floral french lace and delicate ties, to bolder accents such as the peeking G string this style is scattered throughout the pieces. But most importantly, these styles were all made to be adaptable to the wearer, so they can be tucked away or draped however is most comfortable for the individual. 

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