SS21: A look at the ‘Celine 08’ collection.

November 24, 2020

During this season’s fashion week, designers faced the huge challenge of putting on a show for their newest SS21 collection, due to the restrictions of Covid-19. As expected, Celine has pulled it out of the bag and brought us another incredible show this season. Taking place at Stade Louis II, in Monaco, they bring us their newest collection– all while using a running track as their catwalk. Let us take you through the features of this new collection, and show you what makes it so perfect for the upcoming spring/summer season. 

The collection ‘Celine 08’ is described as a “documentary” collection, made to be a portrait of a young generation. The collection maintains a Parisian style throughout, but has a modern influence of styles shown within the genre of hip-hop and rap music. The creative director, Hedi Slimane aims to show through youthful styling a sense of optimism and hope through these uncertain times we may be facing this year. This youthful style is clear throughout, as we see pieces such as hoodies, and bucket hats (which have been a huge trend for the past few years). And of course, we see the spring/summer staples, such as a statement pair of shorts, or a floral print dress.

The silhouette shows obvious hints of athletic wear and has a particularly sporty approach. Celine debuted their new style of denim jean, which includes the ‘Celine fold’ showing a fun cropped style. Matched with crop tops draped with silk, or an edgy sports bra. Sometimes even with a softer look, going with a cashmere knit. This collection is incredibly versatile and has a piece that fits into any type of aesthetic. From bold reds, and patterned pieces to monotone black and white looks- there is a style for anyone. 

Every look is styled with a shoe from the new line of Celine flats, such as the white sneakers for a sportier look, or different styles of boots for a more outdoorsy approach. Throughout the collection you can see a range of Celine’s iconic bags, from the classic “Ava” style bag, to the chunkier style “Celine lunch box”. 

All of the outfits are adorned with the gorgeous Celine jewellery line, putting the finishing touches on every look. All of the pieces are in a yellow gold, making them especially eye-catching within every outfit. From their bags, to shoes to their incredible jewellery line, you can see how important accessories are to create the perfect outfit in this collection. 

In this collection, there is a fresh and new take on mixing both couture pieces and sportswear to create bold and beautiful outfits. Yet still including styles that anybody could fit into their wardrobe. We see leather style jackets, classic wide legged denim, flowing dresses and an array of beautiful accessories that are incredibly versatile. What is not to love about this collection?

If you want to watch the ‘Celine 08’ show, you can watch it here.

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