SS21: Sonia Carrasco’s new collection “20-20”

October 1, 2020

Thankfully at this year’s London Fashion Week, we are seeing more and more sustainability throughout the new collections, coming from designers making an effort to be as conscious as possible. One that caught our eye this year, was Sonia Carrasco’s collection “20-20”. The name seems like it may have an obvious meaning, but the name follows two of Sonia’s previous collections. Which were both named with coordinates of a place relating to a specific environmental issue. Then came the name “20-20” showing us that in this year, the whole world is facing a huge environmental issue. 

Sonia always aims to put high quality craftsmanship and responsibility at the centre of her collections and creations. She uses methods and materials that have the least environmental impact, whilst maintaining a high standard and unique aesthetic. In this SS21 collection, Sonia was finally able to combine two techniques in “20-20” that she had been researching and trying to merge for a long time: Tailoring and knitwear. Her and her team aim to perfect the fusion of the two in future collections. 

Sonia Carrasco 20-20

From the fabric being sustainably sourced hemp, cotton and cupro, to the closures and fastenings consisting of recycled seeds and polyester, all of these garments are made responsibly. The production process of their pieces is something Sonia made sure to be completely transparent with, giving the wearer a sense of security. Purchasing responsibly made fashion should come with the security of being high quality, while having as little negative effect on the earth as possible. Sonia is able to create this within every collection, giving the buyer timeless and resilient pieces that will last from season to season. 

The style of the pieces in “20-20” is based on elegant suits, while deconstructing the designs. They are all in a neutral and earth-toned colour palette, meaning these pieces flow through seasons and are timeless to the wearer. It also features a burst of orange, being the contrasting tone- meaning pieces are still eye catching and bold, making it easy to dress them both up and down to make a statement. Sonia’s style is mostly described as being a good mix of sophistication, and avant garde- while still being timeless and wearable. The aim is to be highly responsible within every step of creation, but still providing the finest quality and a very particular attention to detail.

In the future, Sonia and her team aim to continue the journey of sustainably made fashion by researching. Learning how to adapt to new techniques, materials and gathering resources that are recycled, organic or vegan- having the lowest impact possible on the earth. They also aim to work closely with local workshops, to help local economies thrive.

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