SS21: RIXO’s newest collection ‘Ariel’

October 1, 2020

Contemporary womenswear brand RIXO showcased their newest SS21 collection ‘Ariel’, both digitally and in person this year. With a short film airing during London Fashion Week and then debuting a showcase of the collection in Covent Garden, London at ‘Joni the bus’. Finding a way to showcase the collection to all that want to see it, and doing it safely during 2020. The bus was accompanied with fresh flowers from Nancy’s Florals, and cocktails from Sushi Samba. Plus, RIXO provided their very own facemasks. At the event, people had a chance to try on the new styles, and hear what the two designers of RIXO, Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey had to say about their SS21 collection.

As you may be able to tell from the name, the SS21 collection ‘Ariel’ is heavily inspired by mermaid and underwater themes, which definitely give off a huge summer time vibe. The shell and mermaid inspired patterns marry up perfectly with the chosen colour scheme for this collection. From pastel toned blues, pinks and greens, to the bright pops of yellow and orange, the collection is the epitome of a summer time colour palette.


 None of their pieces are mass produced, and all come from smaller family run producers. Which is great to know as a consumer! Both designers at RIXO care deeply about giving the wearers a unique feel good experience. Finding many of their inspirations for designs and pieces at vintage fairs, auctions and charity shops.

The main prints within the collection are bold and outgoing, standing out with the softer colour palette. One of the key ‘squiggle’ prints is made as an ode to one of the collections biggest inspirations which is painter Henri Matisse. It aims to capture both his iconic use of colour and style. The collection has a diverse range of pieces to choose from. Including maxi dresses and skirts, which are both easily able to be dressed up or down, making them a key summer piece in your everyday wardrobe, or a dress for those special summer nights. Keeping you cool (which is key) but still looking great. The range also includes simplistic graphic t-shirts, and printed blouses that are great for casual wear, or spicing up a simple summer outfit.


The designers at RIXO chose to keep a sense of consistency throughout their collections by keeping older styles present throughout- such as detailing from the Kristin and Agyness style dresses, to adding new flairs and touches to keep “Ariel’ fresh and exciting. From 80’s style short puff sleeves, to the more feminine frilled necklines and pleating, the combination of these styles is made to give you a glamorous vintage feel, while showing off its unique printed summer flair.

As you can tell, RIXO really does have something for everyone within this new SS21 collection (and past collections too!). From simplistic and casual, to bold bright colour filled prints, or from soft flowing fabrics, to stronger bolder silhouettes this collection is extremely diverse and perfect for summer. It’s clear to see that in future we can be expecting bolder and more unique prints coming from RIXO, while still adding their soft feminine signature look. We can’t wait.

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