INTERVIEW: L’momo AW20 Collection

September 19, 2020

After catching our eye with their AW20 collection at London fashion week. Then seeing them again at the Tranoi showrooms in Paris, we just had to learn more about L’momo’s new collection, and what inspired them whilst creating these modern avant garde pieces.

The collection showcased a variety of experimental high fashion pieces, from blazers to structured pants. Using metallics, and bright neon colours to really wow us. From lime green, to candy pink, the collection presented a variety of bold styles. 

Designer Muhammad Alamgir of L’momo prides himself in putting together fashion which is both long lasting, yet wearable for the woman of tomorrow- but staying stylish and experimental. L’momos pieces are all put together with high quality craftsmanship, to keep that unique structure and luxury style. We asked more about the AW20 collection…

What was your inspiration for the new collection? How did the local culture impact this new collection?  

We were in New York just finishing grabbing a quick brunch at the Dean and Deluca on 40th, and watching the people walk by through the windows.  I had just commented how the quick hustle was invigorating and I wanted to be a part of it somehow.  So I created a day to evening collection that women could wear to offices and easily style up and transition to an evening dinner with friends

What challenges did you face with this collection?

Keeping it cohesive and balanced.  I wanted to be more striking with the sequins and bring a touch of futurism, and an idea of forward thinking

Sustainability was the unspoken trend of fashion week this year, how does your brand aim to be sustainable this season and in the future? 

We don’t use animal products.  90% of our products are eco-friendly and sourced from fabric mills that ensure they can reduce the amount of water, energy, chemicals, and waste involved in production.

What future projects should we expect coming up in the near future? 

I’d like to bring a little more drama and boldness to the next collection.