Is Going VIP at the Primavera Festival Worth It?

November 22, 2019

We all know that festival season is one of the best times of year for most of us, seeing what everybody is going to wear and hearing this year’s new music live, finally seeing your favorite musicians. But I know it’s not just me that gets put off by the long queues in blaring heat, gross toilets, crowds and expensive food and drink.

I always wondered if going VIP was the solution to these problems, so this year I decided to go to one of Spain’s best festivals as a VIP– Primavera Sound.

The festival is based in Barcelona but has just announced it will also host a festival in Los Angeles in 2020.

This year there were names on the lineup such as Solange, Erykah Badu and Tame Impala.

With such a varied line-up the festival definitely appealed to a large audience.

When arriving at the festival, there was hardly a queue at all to pick up VIP wristbands, plus it was in a tent meaning we could escape the sun for a few minutes!

The festival grounds were huge, which at first we were a little concerned about but then we noticed just how many VIP areas there were.

There were exclusive bars and food vendors for VIP festival-goers, meaning no queues, cheaper prices and great service!

There were no crowds, so you could go up on a viewing platform and watch your favorite acts in peace, while eating great food. With such a diverse line up this festival really has something for everyone.

Other names such as Future, Miley Cyrus and Cardi B played the weekend. With so many different acts and venues there’s always something to be doing if you’re VIP.

The best thing about being a VIP is the exclusive VIP area in front of the main stage meaning you can stand right at the front of the main stage without being crowded. Getting that close-up view is definitely worth the few extra euros you spend on the ticket.

If you’re a fan of the main headliners being a VIP is a must. It’ll enhance your experience so much. It means you have a choice over when you are going all in and partying the night away, or choosing to sit and have a drink and relax for a while.

The festival starts in the day and doesn’t end until the early hours of the morning, so having your own areas to relax is worth it.

When you’re feeling a little tired at the end of the night you could head over to the very special “Soho house” which is a members-only venue. You can lay out on loungers next to a pool, grab some poolside cocktails and see special guests every now and then.

Or, you could go over to the Desperados lounge and watch the Cube dance stage from a great viewing platform. With the VIP experience it adds a huge element of comfort to the festival, including clean toilets with sinks, mirrors and everything else you could need.

For a little extra you can be comfortable and get those pictures for the ‘gram without being photobombed.


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