I Got to Play Perfume Maker at Galimard Fragrances–And So Can You!

November 22, 2019

Perfume is powerful.

Scents can remind us of some of the most beautiful moments in our lives, the smell of your loved one, your favorite food, fresh-cut grass.

They trigger memories and can instantly transport you. It’s no wonder why so many of us are captivated by perfumes.

If you’ve always wanted to have your own custom scent, you absolutely can by attending like I did at Galimard Fragrances, which has multiple studios in France.

I had the opportunity to visited the studio in Grasse and took part in the perfume-making workshop to make my very own bespoke fragrance.

You can choose to do the workshop alone, or in couples, making and mixing your scents together. Your 100ml Eau de Parfum bones included in the price, which you get to name yourself, giving it your own special personal touch.

You can choose between “masculine” and “feminine” scents, or mix the two into your fragrance.

Start with picking your peak notes of the fragrance; you can choose up to 5 and there are many to choose from.

The peak notes (also known as top notes) are what you will smell as soon as you wear the perfume; these are often lighter smells such as fruits. They often fade away after around 15 minutes.

You then get to choose the heart notes for your scent, these are typically a little more floral and full-bodied, they are longer-lasting and form the core of the fragrance.

Popular mid-notes are scents such as lavender or rosemary. Or maybe juniper and sage, a perfect pairing as featured in Eau de Parfum YSL Y (for him).

Many of the scents are named in French so you can ask what they are if you’re not up to scratch on your French or judge them purely by smell and leave it up to your senses.

Finally, you’ll choose your base notes. These are the notes that will linger after the others have faded away. These are the notes that will be the most memorable in the fragrance and will create the memories of your unique scent.

Vanilla or sandalwood are popular base notes, they are typically richer or deeper scents that linger. Some of these notes can last over 24 hours, and can last even longer in fabrics. Using musk notes can make the scent last longer as well.

Throughout the experience, you can talk to the instructors and they will help with anything you want to know or give suggestions on complementary scents for you.

It’s an amazing experience that will teach you so much about perfume-making, and you get to walk away with your very own personalized scent.

Galimard Fragrances stores your custom concotion so if you need a refill or want to order lotions and soaps with your scent, you can do so!