Christmas small business gift guide 2020

December 19, 2020

As we all know, in 2020 it has been extra important to support all of the smaller businesses because of the effects of Covid-19 (even though we think it’s ALWAYS important to support a small business) so we wanted to show you some of our favourites. We picked a few small businesses that have products for everyone, and are super unique and a high quality gift for anyone in your life this festive season. 

Terrazzo Lane 

This small business based in Cornwall, UK focuses on beautiful sustainably made homeware. Most pieces come in a lovely neutral toned colour palette making them a perfect fit for any home. The terrazzo pieces are handmade, using a resin and repurposed shells from the beaches of cornwall. The pieces arrive packaged beautifully, and with no plastic packaging involved. We think these could be a wonderful gift for anyone, and would add a nice touch to any room. The products range from candle and tea light holders, to trinket trays and even tree ornaments (perfect for this season). 

Menaje De Casa

These pieces would be perfect for anyone in your life that loves jewellery or a little bit of sparkle. Menaje De Casa creates beautiful handmade jewellery boxes, embellished with a slice of natural agate. The pieces feel extremely luxurious thanks to the gold edging on the agate, matching with the gold rimmed box itself. Each box is also unique to you, since every single stone is different. This would make an amazing gift, and we suggest you fill it with an incredible jewellery piece to kick it up a notch. 

Neon Filter 

This gift would be such a great statement piece in any room. They create neon signs you can display in your home, and you can pick from a pre-made design listed, or you can use the ‘custom sign editor’ on their website. Where you’re able to pick the size, colour, font of your sign, then you can type your phrase and it will show you what to expect. Making a personalised neon sign for someone is a really unique and thoughtful option, and something that will add so much personality to a room. 

Arctic Fox & Co

We all know this season is the coldest time of the year for most of us. So what’s better than some cosy wool accessories. Arctic fox & Co offers a range of wonderfully designed scarves, hats and even blankets and throws. They have a range of super soft materials and designs to choose from to suit you or the person you might be buying for.

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