SS21: Simone Rocha’s new collection.

January 9, 2021

Simone Rocha, daughter of world renowned designer John Rocha, brought us another beautiful collection for the SS21 season. This collection is described as both sobering and exploding, whilst personal and provocative. Which is shown throughout with the collection, by the large exaggerated silhouettes, and contrasting sharp and soft shapes within the garment. 

This collection’s main focus is clearly the use of shape and fabrics. We see a consistent tone of soft fabrics, with accents of jewels, lace and extremely detailed embroidered designs within the pieces. The colour palette follows the tone of soft and subdued by using mainly neutrals and some pastels, such as beige/champagne and cream, along with light blues and whites. Although there are some pops of black and navy throughout. To contrast the soft theme, the collection showcases Simone Rocha’s use of exaggerated shape and silhouettes across the whole range. The silhouettes purposefully exaggerate the ‘female’ shape- mainly focusing on the hips and shoulders, making them the focal point of many of the curated looks showcased for the season. These silhouettes along with the lace and embellishment features resemble some aspects of edwardian fashion but in a modern high fashion way.

There are some more provocative aspects of this collection which add a unique style to the pieces. Rocha uses harness’ and aspects often used in underwear and lingerie to add some flair to these otherwise softer outfits. Although the harness’ and bra style tops are made from soft and dainty materials, such as luxurious silk straps or jewels linked together- which add a nice feminine touch. To go along with the consistent use of jewels and embellishing, pearls were also a huge accent used across the range, working perfectly with the softer and luxurious style.

The accessories across the looks stay consistent with the colour theme of each and every outfit, showing how beautifully coherent the whole range is together. There is again a heavy use of jewels and pearls. With the embellished spherical bags almost resembling the style of faberge eggs. A luxurious tone all the way through. The shoes follow along with the exaggerated silhouettes, most of them being chunkier. Although some are more dainty and feminine. This collection on a whole definitely makes a statement, while being soft, subtle and luxurious, but also having hints of boldness throughout.

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