APUJAN: speaking to the Taiwanese designer on his London fashion week s/s 20 collection

August 20, 2020

Before the catwalk show started, Taiwanese designer Apujan set the theme clearly, giving the audience show notes including a reading list including three books that were the main inspirati for the collection, these were books all of the same title by three different authors for the audience to ‘better understand’ the collection. The catwalk show started with a live band, playing especially composed music to run along side the show. The show included more than 100 individual pieces using unique mixtures of materials and patterns to help show the flow of time, including clocks, stars, blossoming and dying flowers – along with book pages to reiterate the literature theme. The designer is well known for using themes of fantasy and literature so this integrated perfectly into previous collections. 

Some highlights of the collection were a structured dress made from flowing, overlapping book pages and gowns featuring oriental designs and hosting a deconstructed clock print. Running along with these pieces was Apujan’s collaboration with Nike, again featuring accessories such as flowers and book pages to keep the theme of the show consistent. 

We got the chance to ask Apujan more about the collection and hear from the designer himself, what was behind the collection and the running theme throughout the show. 

What was your biggest inspiration for this collection?

The collection is a story in which time has been stolen, which is why I included more of a sci-fi theme. The story includes time thieves and time movement. You can see in the collection the flowers blooming and dying, showing the progression of time, also the stars and clocks, also showing time. 

Where did you find inspirations from while designing this collection?

Well, I have loved reading since I was young, and I wanted to find a way to tell a story through my clothes. I love all kinds of stories, and that inspired me to want to tell them myself in a creative way. Previously, I have experimented with so many textures and materials, so I wanted to keep knitwear in the collection. 

What do you want to do next?

I want to find more ways to develop and create more intact stories so I can carry on reaching people with my clothes. 

What is something you are proud of?

I am really proud of the collaboration with Nike, and putting that into this collection, I want to do more work with them. I was also very happy to do work with Mcdonalds in Japan. I feel very proud about being able to reach people with my designs.