Fashion during Covid-19: Malan Breton’s virtual catwalk show ‘Immortal’ SS/21

August 5, 2020

With the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 shocking the world and putting everybody into an unexpected quarantine, many of us were faced with having to suddenly cancel all of our plans, and miss out on events we had been looking forward to for months. Because of this, everybody had to find ways to adapt, and bring entertainment, fashion and fun from the venues around the world into our homes. 

In June, there was a ‘Virtual Fashion Week’ hosted completely online, bringing these events and runways we’d usually be attending right onto our screens and into our homes, so we didn’t feel like we were completely missing out on that fashion fix. We got the chance to be able to view and take a deeper look into the global virtual runway presented by renowned fashion designer Malan Breton, who you may recognise from television shows such as ‘Project Runway’ or ‘Australia’s next top model’. Some of his designs have been worn by big names such as Ariana Grande, and Lana Del Rey, which made us even more excited to see what this new style of runway show could bring to the fashion world. The runway was named “Immortal” and was in partnership with DNABLOCK to present CGI designed and developed models, styling Breton’s designs. DNABLOCK is leading the way to personalized entertainment, interaction and inclusion by removing the barriers of 3D content creation. The platform and REPLIKANT™ animation engine allow creatives, brands and individuals the ability to generate bespoke, high-quality, digital beings without prohibitive post-production costs or specialized 3D programming knowledge. DNABLOCK’s platform supports the exporting of content onto ANY device, making it simple to create fulfilling interactions with an enormous reach. Toni & Guy have also come on board as the official hair partner for this season, with Phillip Haug working alongside Malan leading the creative for this CGI produced look. The live runway was hosted online, but can still be watched now if you want to see what you missed. 

Breton’s digitally generated collection looks to the past and future of aerospace. Separates with clean lines combined with easy-to-wear tailoring are designed meticulously to incorporate into your pre-existing wardrobe. The future is now, the future is every day and we are living in it. In this period of isolation, Breton turned inward to reminisce on things that inspired him through his life: music, art and nature. And To continue Bretons support of diversity within fashion this seasons runway warmly welcomes models from all over the world, with the addition of plus size in women and mens. Further delving into the psyche of “Immortal” reveals a resurgence to the 20’s and 30’s silhouette. Fitting that Breton should create a collection that delves into a period in history, a history that led the world to new hope through much adversity.

The experience of watching a virtual runway, with CGI models and looks was truly unique, and knowing how much work and design had gone into each and every aspect is truly special, and really brings the entertainment value of a fashion show into our homes. All looks virtually generated for the show will be available to purchase off the virtual runway through the on-screen boutique. Meaning this experience really is something that can go from being a virtual form of entertainment into a real life taste of luxury fashion. Fashion shows and runways like these, taking place on online platforms are becoming increasingly more popular as time goes on, making fashion accessible to a larger crowd all over the world.