Why watch collectors and celebrities are loving Richard Mille watches

February 19, 2019

Having a classic timepiece can be really important and often makes a statement. It’s one of the main reasons so many are drawn to luxury timepieces like Richard Mille watches.

I visited the Richard Mille store in New York to take an up-close look at some of the pieces and get some more information about these iconic watches.

This Swiss-based luxury watch brand began in 2001 and is seen all over the media, worn by some very famous faces such as Rafael Nadal, Natalie Portman and Kanye West.

The style Rafael Nadal wears is particularly interesting because of the watch band this piece includes. He wears a model called RM 27-03 Tourbillion, which is specifically made for athletes. It can withstand shocks of up to 10,000Gs.

Also, the band of the watch itself is made of extremely comfortable stretch material. There’s no fastener and it easily slides on and off.

Richard Mille watches generally command anywhere from $100,000 to more than a million dollars for a piece. There are pieces for both men and women, but they are interchangeable if you like.

Each style has a similar tonneau face shape which is unique to Richard Mille, making the designs very unique and recognizable to anyone. They are also produced in limited quantities so it’s unlikely you’ll ever spot someone with the same watch.



If you need something simple there are styles that have a plain face and band, that would go along well with anything else you would wear it with.

But they also have more extravagant styles which are encrusted with sapphires (like style RM 07-02) Others come encrusted with diamonds. And many are made up of materials completely new to the watch industry, an innovation Richard Mille is well-known for.

Titanium, carbon nanofibres and graphene are just some of the new materials Richard Mille has introduced to the watchmaking industry. Inspiration is drawn from aeronautics and the race car industries.

Something else unique about these watches is being able to see the mechanics and pieces of the watch through the face. The spline screws, which are visible on the exterior of each piece, also add to the watch’s recognizable visual traits. What’s more, it takes more than 20 operations to manufacture each of these screws.

A new Richard Mille timepiece is definitely a worthwhile investment. They are made to be both durable and luxurious.

If you’re going to be using this for a more active lifestyle perhaps one of the watches similar to Nadal’s would suit you well. But for everyday use, there are definitely a plethora of interesting and exquisite styles to suit anybody’s taste.