An Exclusive Look at the Work of Shoe Designer Francesco Russo

November 6, 2019

After designing the iconic Tribute platforms for YSL, Francesco Russo started to become more of a household name. Now, his namesake designs have flourished and are popular among many, and it’s easy to see why.

In 2013, Russo started designing shoes under his own name, becoming more and more known for his luxurious designs and footwear.

His shoes became so well-loved that Victoria Beckham ordered every style available at the time in her size.

His designs have been called “architectural” and “seamless” as well as being known for their intricate details and amazing craftsmanship.

The designer also allows customers to pick the material for some styles, such as soft leathers or particular skins, making the shopping experience feel personalised as well as lavish.

francesco russo black heels

As you approach the store in Paris you can expect to pass many great cafés and galleries you could also visit while on a luxurious shopping trip.

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Both the exterior and interior of the store set a great setting for an extravagant shopping experience. With the shoes showcased on podiums like their own unique art piece and neutral colours, the shoes definitely take center stage (as they should!)

francesco russo paris

One notable style Russo is known for was a one-off design made for the Cannes red carpet, inspired by the iconic Palme d’Or (the highest prize at the Cannes film festival).

The particular design was made in an eye-catching gold soft leather, to both look great and be comfortable on the foot (as comfortable as a pair of heels can be).

The shoe features an elegant wrap around the ankle in a palm leaf, going down onto the foot, framing it delicately.

It also features a laced ankle clasp, which is a unique detail on this type of shoe. With a subtle hint to the award show’s leaf design, this pair is one of Russo’s most recognizable designs.

francesco russo gold leaf heels

If you can’t make it to Paris, Russo has a very modern  website where you can peruse the entire collection. The mobile site has a fun feature where you can shake your phone to get a random design, which can be a quirky way to find your new perfect shoe or piece on his site.

There is also a made-to-order section, for those who want a more personalized buying experience and product.

You can shop some of Russo’s latest styles at INTERMIX, Net-a-Porter and Matches Fashion.

From bold leopard print to the classic black pump, you’re definitely going to find a shoe that is perfect for any occasion, but with a hint of luxury.

With all styles being gender non-specific you have a large range of unique styles to choose from, along with some more androgynous styles if that’s your thing.